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      Organosilicon fulvic acid tower fertilizer

      On the basis of organosilicon tower fertilizer, fulvic acid, organic matter and active calcium are added to the product. In a real sense, the perfect combination of organic + inorganic + organosilicon + active calcium can be realized. Organosilicon fulvic acid tower fertilizer has opened up a new way for agricultural cultivation in terms of application cost and fertilizer efficiency expression.

      Including proportion and suitable crops

      16-16-16 ratio is suitable for basal fertilizer and topdressing in middle and early stage of most crops.

      27-13-10 ratio is suitable for basal fertilizer and topdressing in middle and early stage of field crops, vegetables and fruit trees except leguminosae and alfalfa.

      18-6-26 ratio is widely used as base fertilizer and topdressing for eggplant and tuber crops.

      Product features

      1. Perfect combination of organic and inorganic, promote microbial reproduction and improve root microenvironment;

      2. Improve the soil, promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, and strongly break the soil hardening;

      3. Stimulate the growth of crop root system, make the stem straight and strong, and enhance the photosynthetic efficiency;

      4. Adjust the balanced release of nutrients, so that the crops do not grow excessively in the early stage and do not lose fertilizer in the late stage;

      5. Enhance the ability of lodging resistance of crops, make the culms mature, delay the senescence and increase the thousand grain weight;

      6. Eliminate the obstacles of crop continuous cropping, resist diseases, improve the quality of agricultural products, increase the yield and put them on the market early;

      7. Adding high active fulvic acid can improve the surface light and quality of crops;

      8. Especially, calcium is added to improve the toughness of peel and reduce fruit cracking.

      Application method

      Generally, 25-50kg/mu is applied, and the specific amount can be adjusted according to the local soil fertility and fertilizer use habits.

      Package specification





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