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      Water soluble organosilicon organic fertilizer

      The water-soluble organosilicon organic fertilizer is a multi-functional fertilizer made of new organosilicon materials, high active organic matter and N-P-K by special process. The product contains more than 45% organic matter, more than 3% active silicon, more than 2% fulvic acid, and 15% N-P-K. The product can improve soil ecological environment, maintain soil nutrient balance, increase yield and quality, and restore the original ecological taste of agricultural products.

      Product features

      High quality organic material is selected for high activation treatment, which has fast disintegration speed and high utilization rate;

      The organosilicon fertilizer production process has special soil affinity, which makes the soil form a granular structure, enhances the regulation of water, fertilizer, air and heat, and makes the roots of crops nutritious and strong;

      Promote the rapid propagation of beneficial microorganisms in soil filling, adjust the nutrient balance in soil and crops, improve crop yield and quality;

      Adjust the opening and closing of stomata on crop leaves, control the water transpiration inside the crop, improve the drought resistance, cold resistance, disease and insect resistance, lodging resistance of crops, and realize the scientific use of fertilizer and green development.

      Application method

      Base fertilizer: 50-75 kg/mu.

      Topdressing: 50-75 kg/mu of fruits and vegetables; Field crops 50-75 kg/mu each time; Vegetables are 10-20 kg/mu.

      Package specification


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